Our Story

The road to individuality starts with inspiration. At Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles your best idea is perhaps one cup of coffee away; when your passion for power and performance goes full throttle, we are by your side to take it to the open road.

Step into our creative environment and find a space where the free spirit of a true rider can find its full expression. Join our community that shares the respect for the only machine that brings true freedom to the soul, in a unique environment.

We combine motorbikes, organic coffee and art into one exclusive lifestyle experience. Celebrate a culture of creativity at a Café that values art as much as it values a good, honest ride. So we combine both. We bring you the ultimate canvas to express your individuality, your style, your likes, your idiosyncrasies: your own motorcycle. Meet fellow riders. Share your thoughts. Find your inspiration. Bring your unique flavour to the mix and ride off on a creation of your making.

We deliver motorcycle art, completely handcrafted and custom-built to specification. Each dreamed up by our customers, born from ideas infused by their DNA, conceived in our studio-showroom-café.

Take charge and live your lifestyle of freedom.

Why open cafe rider ?

To understand the reason we need to go back in time to the 1940’s till the 1980’s, which we consider as the golden age of Two Wheels. A Period where Café Racers, Bobbers, Choppers, Scramblers were created from used popular manufacturers.

Only a couple of motorcycle manufactures survived the Great Depression, and like every hard lesson in life, which teaches us something new, it gave rise to a revolution in motorcycles, art, fashion and lifestyle. It was the start of the sub-culture in motorcycles, which then lasted more than 50 years.

In the late 1940’s, Bobbers were born, meaning a motorcycle that had been bobbed or stripped of all unnecessary parts making it look better for a rider looking for the minimalistic ride. This gave rise to the post-world war bikes which started being stripped even more to make them faster, lighter and more fun to ride on a daily basis. May be from Café to Café?

Here we saw the reign of the Café Racers, Rockers, Greasers, Coffee Bar Cowboys, Ton Up Boys and Kaminari-Zoku (Japanese), all names of a biker sub–culture which dominated the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

As we went forward Choppers hit the road just in time for the great build of the American highways and motorways. Initially choppers were made for those long easy-riders where the elongated forks made for more comfortable longer distant rides.

But something went wrong after the early 90’s, and like every good thing that comes to an end so did the biking culture. The rise of the multinationals with their big brain washing advertising budgets pushed out the mamas and papas store. TV told us what’s cool and how we should buy off the shelf. Bikes became bigger, faster, heavier, more chrome, wider tires and motorcycling itself became a status symbol rather than a lifestyle choice.

But once again the recession of 21st century has hit the reset button; in the way we do things. It's given rise to a new breed of thinkers, revolutionising the way we live and work. And the birth of the old motto of “Why buy when you can build” That’s why Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles. To bring back an era where if you rode a motorcycle you weren’t a retired banker but rather someone who dared to be different.

Try something new and then take it to the open road to ride the only machine which moves your soul.