Project Zero 13 : The Boxer


BMW’s idea of the 1985 R80RT was a touring bike for people who love the idea of not going very fast for long distances. However, Café Rider decided to turn this touring machine to a Café Racer in its true form.

When you think Café Racers, the first thought that comes to your mind is a lean in riding position, a race fairing, a seat bump and an empty look behind the engine tucking away or getting rid of all possible components to shed that extra pound. The first step was to strip the bike down to a rolling Chassis. Then comes the favorite part of the build, “going to town with a good old angle grinder”. We first got rid if the stock subframe and all the extra bits of brackets for the stock covers and fairings.

And the mock-up starts: The Boxer functions on all modern gadgets and controls, yet looking elegantly vintage. The front fairing is the symmetrical replica of the Labitzke Racer of Ivan Messina's R75/5. A complete Motogadget kit: m-Unit, wiring harness, keyless ignition, Speedo and switch controls and an electronic choke gives a completely new era approach to its controls and functions. The new subframe with the in-house hammered rear cowls contains all the electrical components. The seat, are leather pads of 7x3 size, evenly laid out on a Stainless pan. The stock wheels are powder coated black and wrapped in Firestone Deluxe Champion tires. Nissin brake controls, Brembo calipers, and Progressive Suspension makes sure your riding comfort and safety is spot on.

Though the boxer blends into the darkness with its matt black finish and tinted windshield, the Candy Apple Red frame and swingarm make sure the Boxer's presence is not left unnoticed.