Rocketeer F3

AED 258,300


1st place winner at the AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building (production class).

The F3 forges uncharted territory in production bikes with tank & fender machined from solid blocks of billet aluminum. It is also has an optional, very unique hub brake system similar to what is used on small aircraft. The F3 is loaded with a combination of unique, high quality components not typically found on any American production/custom bike. The Rocketeer F3 is one of the most exclusive & sexiest bikes we’ve ever created.

Very Limited Availability. Only 15 World Champion Examples to be replicated.
Seat height 25″ average (slight variation in height available as each is crafted to fit it’s owner)
Wheelbase 67.48″
Chassis 36 Degree, 0″ up & 1″ out (Gooseneck), American Made
Dry weight 547 lbs. (slight variations due to selected optional equipment)
Fuel capacity 2.4 gallons
Suspension Rigid or Softail available